This is a book that comprehensively blows apart just why the followers of Jesus cannot be ordinary or satisfied with the way things are. Cris challenges us to live lives utterly riddled with the resurrection of Christ…. Read it and you will see that it all makes sense.

Jill Rowe

Oasis Ethos Development and Resourcing Director

Cris is a good guy who loves Jesus and practices what he preaches and I promise you his book will get you noticed. It will have you practising resurrection in your home, street and town centre. Escape the monotony of being a safe, hidden Saturday Christian. Trust that the madness of Easter Sunday is still happening.

Andy Flannagan

Director Christian Socialist Movement

Cris is a man of real integrity, someone whose passion is clearly evident not only in his words but in the way he lives his life. This book shares that passion to help us see past the trappings of religion and get back to knowing Jesus, his power and his presence in our lives.
It reawakens hope for our world, gives us a gracious kick on the behind and challenges us to be a part of the change we long to see.

Mike Pilavachi

Soul Survivor Ministries

This is a book for those who want to see more clearly. To have their eyes opened to see the real Jesus and follow Him in the great adventure of living the resurrection life. Cris has drawn on his relationship with God, experience of following Him and some deep thinking to give us a passionate, honest and intelligent vision of the life of a disciple and the call for the transformation of society.

David Westlake


I’ve known Cris for quite a few years now – I’m proud to call him a friend. Cris is a thinker, a doer and a lover of Jesus. He’s not one of those people who accepts the status-quo or moans about it from the sidelines. My hope as you read this book is that some of Cris’s love for Jesus and the mission of his followers will rub off on you – as it has on me – and that you’ll embrace everything God is calling you to do in living that love out.

Wendy Beech-Ward

Director of Spring Harvest

Many people talk about a more authentic church from the comfort of their office but having worked with Cris I can say that he doesn’t just talk the talk he walks the walk. Cris is has written a manifesto for the ‘new Victorians,’ an integrated lifestyle that expresses the transformative nature of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I commend this book to you, not just because of its excellent content, but because of the integrity of the voice behind it.

Rev’d Will Van Der Hart 
Vicar St Peter’s West Harrow