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As with many Saturday afternoons I had dropped Isaac in the park to play tennis which meant I now had an hour to spare. This happens most Saturdays so I head to the coffee hut, get a takeaway and spend the time walking around the large London Park. I tend to listen to a podcast, maybe pray a bit and enjoy some music.

Last Saturday I found myself halfway around the park when the heavens opened. It was torrential rain with lightening and as a idiot I’d left my raincoat in the car. I started to hide under trees, but realising this was going to continue for a while I needed to make my way back to Isaac.

Trying to dart between trees I tried to get enough cover to only get a small dampening but as time went on I became increasingly aware that I was getting damper and damper and that now I was at that point of no return. I was getting so wet that there was little point trying to avoid it any longer.

So I stepped out into the downpour and walked right under the heaviest of it. I was soaked.

Dripping from my glasses, hair, and ears all the way down my body.

As I walked along I remembered Hosea 6:3, a verse I’d been reading the day before and it kept coming to mind. “He will come to us like the winter rains, like the spring rains that drench the earth”.

Spring rains don’t drizzle, they drench.

I realised something. When it comes to the spirit I’ve been darting back and forth under trees for a while. I want to control how wet I get.

Gods drenching the earth and I’m stood under a tree trying to keep cover.

But as I got wet there was no turning back, I stood there and became drenched. I arrived at the tennis courts to find Isaac stood undercover laughing at me. He’d seen me at a distance and thought how wet I was, was hilarious. In reality it was.

My prayer is that I want my inner life to be as drenched as my outer life was last weekend. I don’t want to dance under trees but enjoy the full drenching that Hosea speaks of.