We’re a generation of rushers; we want the immediate and then wonder why life feels so shallow. There is a reason we feel empty and shallow, we’re lacking in the one thing that we need. The one thing we need is the one thing we can’t rush, pressurise or make happen. The one thing that truly encourages us, empowers us and gives us our fulfilment comes from the one person we can’t manipulate or trick.

I was having a conversation with an über awesome older Priest a little while ago. I was talking about wanting to make sure that in 30 years time I am still running the race well and just as excited about all that God is doing as I am today. My fear is that I will burn out and become discouraged and cynical because of my inability to truly trust God. If I wasn’t a Christian I would be a workaholic, I would be discouraged in a second and an habitual cynic. I know this to be true because it’s the battle I have each day. I asked this ‘über awesome older Priest’ how he has carried on all these years serving and loving people without becoming tired and half-hearted. His response wasn’t quite what I wanted.

He responded, “Each morning I get up, I sit in my chair and I wait on God. I wait for His Spirit to come and fill me and then from that place I get up and move through the day”.

I asked about what happens if he has a meeting. He responded he does nothing until he has been filled with the Spirit and if God doesn’t show up then he just keeps waiting.

He had recently missed a meeting with me and this is why. He’d been waiting on God and needed to keep waiting.

Psalm 27:14 beautifully says “Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD”.

I’m not sure I want to wait. I’m a bit too busy to wait. You would think that God would be on time for a meeting. He’s God; surely he has an alarm clock? Why would he keep us waiting?

That’s the point isn’t it? He’s God and we’re not. We want the instant, the immediate and the quick. But God teaches us that we are the human ‘beings’ and not the human ‘doings’.

So I am learning again to wait.

And boy it’s taking time to learn.