Holiness is about our orientation to a Holy, perfect God who sees us, calls out our name and blesses us abundantly.

Holiness is often taught as being about how well we live out our Christian faith and what we should and shouldn’t do. This makes it about how well we perform as a believer.

In ‘A Monkey’s Orientation’ holiness is unpacked and looked at as more about orientating ourselves to the Fathers blessing, making it about where we are rather than what we do. Cris draws out the understanding that Jesus as a Jew would have had to such a message and brings it alive in away others have failed to do.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and would recommend it, particularly to young people and maybe as a youth group resource to explore the topic of holiness.’ - Salvationist


Andy Flannigan, Worship Leader and author of God 360

Cris is at his best when bringing the Bible stories alive. The finest spiritual MOT I’ve had in ages. Book yourself in for a few hours and read it.

Bishop Pete Broadbent

If what you’ve been taught about being holy and living for God does your head in and makes you feel a failure, here’s the antidote. Cris Rogers helps us see that, when it comes to being a Christian, it’s not about performing, it’s about the way you choose to pattern your life.

Rachel Gardner Creative Director of the Romance Academy

An orientation book for any young (or old!) follower of Jesus keen to live in tune with God. Honest, sound, funny and wise. This is a book I really could have done with when I was a young Christian.

Mike Pilavachi Soul Survivor

This is a fresh approach to the idea of holiness and has a lot to say to probably most Christians who mistakenly associate holiness with performance.

ISBN: 9781850787822
PUBLISHER: Authentic Lifestyle
RRP: £6.99