Hi and welcome to my webpage. I wasn’t sure what you were meant to put on the web page of an author as I’d never done something like this before. But you will find details of my books, other writing projects and a little bit of information about me. If you find this page dull then feel free to google John Grisham or some equally well known writer. If you’re interested in the the movement Jesus started 2000 years ago you might like this better.

But hey, its your call.


Cris Rogers from Bless on Vimeo.


PROMO - THE REBELS GUIDE TO THE GOOD NEWS - Available March 2013 from Cris Rogers on Vimeo.

Jesus was a Rebel, he was so uncomfortable with how the world was unfolding that he came to present us with an alternative way of living. He came to show us how to live out a daily rebellion. He came to show us what it looked like to live out the scriptures in a way that gave life to peoples relationship with him, their neighbours and creation. Jesus talks about his message being Good News. The Good News isn’t that Jesus died for our sins, its much more than at. The Good News is that Jesus died to save us not just from something but also for something… Partnership.

The Church are co-conspirators in the biggest rebellion the world has ever seen, against sin, the world and the devil. The Rebel Jesus is the one that we follow and it is his rebellious Good News that we share.

The Rebel’s Guide to the Good News is a 6 part short film resource looking at what is the Good News, how do we share this message and how do we live it out so that others see the true, deep and beautiful message that is truly ‘good’.